Empowering People. Building Movements.

electable is a location-based political and social organizing app that connects people to build movements and enact change in their areas


Informational Transparency

View all the elections and candidates in your area from town council to congressional seats

Collective Action

Gather people who share interests in similar causes to enact real change on the ground level

Party Marketplace

Compare all available parties and movements in your area on policy and any elected positions held

Build a Movement

Find, organize, and coordinate individuals to volunteer, canvas, and participate in demonstrations

Visualize Support

See how many people in your area support the parties and candidates in your area with validity ensured by user verification

Be a Candidate

Create a profile and run for office; gather and interact with supporters on a direct level while fundraising and coordinating volunteers

Break free from traditional political structures

The lack of viable choice in traditional politics leaves people frustrated and disillusioned. Allowing people to discover alternatives on the ground level can empower different viewpoints to gain momentum.

  • Find all parties and movements in your area
  • Compare and contrast policy positions, causes, and find a fit
  • Interact with organization members and work on causes you support

Making the marketplace of parties and ideas is crucial in ensuring a more responsive system.

Make Grassroots Change Possible

Addressing the lack of transparency and the obscure nature of local politics is key in making grassroots change possible.

Most people don’t know anything about their local politics, elections, or problems. By giving people access to all the information about their area, we can solve the power imbalance between the small groups of people who run towns, counties, and districts and the public which isn't even allowed access.

Bringing movement building to the 21st century

While campaigns and social causes utilize technology to facilitate the gathering of insights and deployment of strategies, they do not give power to regular people to bring about the change they seek. We aim to give you the tools to accomplish your goals.

  • Post canvassing and volunteering positions for everyone in your area or organization members only
  • Mass-level notification to all organization members about rallies, meetings, and demonstrations
  • Signature-initiatives for ballot items and candidate support

Organizing tools should not be kept in the hands of national level actors and those with a lot of money. We hope to empower anyone with a goal, idea, or vision.

More than talk

People looking to get involved in the political process have a difficult time getting started. They turn to existing social media but that only allows them to engage by expressing one’s thoughts, which often turns into pointless arguments with other anonymous users.

The ability to engage with ideas and problems you care about, while actually doing something about them, is currently difficult with existing platforms. Most users are geographically spread out, which stymies movement building and change.

  • Ensure the individuals you engage with are in your area
  • Find more people who share the same values and ideas
  • Keep the discussion going while jumping into action